Our Covid-19 Policies

Covid Policies April 2021


West Side Improvement Club is dedicated to building up and bettering our community. We have chosen to do so by doing our best to ensure our club members and members of the community feel safe during their time with the Club. We vow to ensure all of our staff and members will be following all current Federal, State, and local mandates and laws pertaining to health and safety, especially in reference to Covid precautions. The West Side Improvement Club has established the following protocols for all individuals on the Club premises.


  • Any and all employees or staff will be screened with a “recent activities or exposure” questionnaire and temperature check.

  • Facial Coverings are required at all times following the Washington State mandate.*

  • Social Distancing of at least 6 feet except when with members of your household

  • Hand Sanitizer will be offered at every entrance and exit

  • Food Handling requires masks, gloves, and hairnets

  • A sign-in sheet or log will be provided for any and all people entering the Club to track possible exposure.

  • Restrooms will be cleaned every 2 hours and a log will be signed.

  • Max occupancy of 62 (at phase 2) 125 people (at phase 3)

Accurate Information

In times of crisis, accurate information is critical. Please do not take action based on rumor, and verify all information from reliable sources. Yes, that includes information from this website; we try to link to reliable sources, but it’s always possible that our information is out of date or otherwise rendered unreliable.

Washington State maintains a Public Health hotline: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM: 1-800-525-0127

For general community resources, including health, housing and food, visit https://wa211.org/.

Text “Coronavirus” to 211211 to get text updates from wa211




*April 8, 2021