...Coming Soon!

We are looking for Artisan, crafters, and DIY Vendors!

For just $20 per weekend, you will receive:

  • Outdoor 10x10 Vendor Spot

  • Electricity hookups may be available at request (limited by outlet positioning and availability)

  • Vendors will be outdoors, Bring your own canopy, table, and chairs.

Everything must be removed from the Club by Sunday evening at 7 pm.

All Covid-19 policies at WSIC will be enforced.

We are taking applications for booths and tables now.

The WSIC Artisan's Marketplace will be a recurring event so keep an eye on updates on our Facebook pages and email list.

The Vendor Map provided is just an idea of possible layouts, Actual Setup is determined by the Event Manager




To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Vendor’s Agreements




  • All current WSIC By-Laws will be respected and followed, copies of current By-Laws available at request.

  • All current Federal, State, and local Covid mandates and protocols will be followed.

  • WSIC is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

  • Theft and/or selling of stolen items will not be tolerated. 

    • First offense and you will be asked to take your items and leave;  membership and access to WSIC facilities will be revoked permanently, and no refunds allowed.

  • Harassment, bullying, belligerent, and/or hostile acts will not be tolerated. 

    • 1st offense the person will be warned and asked to take their personal items and leave the event and no refunds will be allowed.

    • 2nd offense the person’s WSIC membership and access to WSIC facilities will be revoked.

  • WSIC agrees to provide a six-foot table and 2 chairs (for indoor vendor events only).

  • Electricity hookups may be available at request (limited by outlet positioning and availability).

  • Please keep your items at a PG-13 level, with no nudity or drug/alcohol-related items open for public view.

  • No underage drinking/smoking on the premises.

  • No smoking at least 25 feet from all public entryways as per RCW 70.160.075. There is a designated smoking area underneath the white canopy. 

  • Vendors are responsible for collecting and paying your own taxes.

  • Vendors are responsible for any delivery and/or shipping arrangements made.

  • Vendor’s Items must be removed from the premises the night the event ends. We are not able to store items at the Club.


$_____ X _____ Tables  Indoor Events Only
                       (1 six foot table provided, additional tables will have an additional cost)

$_____ X _____ Outdoor Vendor Space
                      (10x10, provide your own tables, canopies and chairs)

$_____ X _____ Chairs 
                      (2 provided for indoor vendors only)

$_____ X _____ Electricity Access 
                      (when available)

$_____ X _____ Kitchen Rental 

Vending Dates:    ____/____/____ - ____/____/____

$______________TOTAL Date Payment Received* ____/____/____


Any Confirmation Codes or reference numbers available___________________________
Collected by __________________________________
Witnessed by__________________________________

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